The broken test iso....

Current iso is (as of writing) Fedora-20071118-alpha-disc1.iso

From Jay Estabrook:
Booting and start of install works fine, but use TEXT mode only.
Take the defaults for packages to be installed, and 1 CD is enough.

MUST USE pre-initialized partitions for SWAP and EXT3 to be installed too!!! The auto-partitioner is broken, and the normal partitioner will crash if the partitions aren't already initilizaed.

Then, after the install:

  1. no INITRD arg in the /etc/aboot.conf line (file is there, just not mentioned)
  2. /etc/aboot.conf line needs "selinux=off" or hangs during boot
  3. no appropriate driver loaded for Xorg
  4. /etc/X11/xorg.conf is somewhat incomplete (no monitor section, and device setup for VESA (IIRC< that doesn't work on Alpha).
As noted before, 1. and 2. need to be manually typed in during reboot after the install finished. And 3. can be done by setting up "yum.conf" and pulling the appropriate dirver. Then 4. needs doing manually.

Oh, and there's no MILO kernel (yet) for "those" machines... :-)

So, with a little manual dexterity, one CAN get the test ISO to install enough of a system to bring up the network and install via "yum" anything else desired that's on the repository (7000+ RPMS!!! :-)
That's about it.