The broken test iso....

Current iso is (as of writing) Fedora-20090108-alpha-disc?.iso

From Jay Estabrook:
This has GNOME/KDE/XFCE and window managers, along with many of the groups tweaked to --optional - that's why it runs to 5 CDs (2503 RPMs)... ;-}
Will do a GUI install (!), but... Upon rebooting, it gets hung somewhere in starting the X server with the defaults for monitor and such, so best to stick with text-mode installs and "startx"... :-\

Other hints:
  1. at the "reboot" screen, toggle to VC2 and edit /mnt/sysimage/etc/aboot.conf to remove "rhgb and quiet" and replace with "selinux=off"
  2. for Radeons, make sure to edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf to disable DRI (add an 'Option "DRI" "off"') BEFORE the first start of X (ie first reboot at single user)
  3. chkconfig NetworkManager off and chkconfig network on on first reboot at single user

Use of KDE results in MANY unaligned accesses which slows it down.
XFCE seems to work fine, in the small amount of use I've given it.
NFS installs are fine, BUT make sure to remove the CD at the point where it asks what the install medium is; apparently, it will sense the CD even if you tell it NFS, and use the CD instead... :-\

In case yum doesn't work, please do this:

rpm -Uvh