The broken test iso....

Current iso is (as of writing) Fedora-20091015-alpha-disc?.iso

From Jay Estabrook:
Radeon and Permedia drivers (radeon/glint) seem fine, but a few problems with Matrox (mga) and their G450 (I think Millennium I and II are OK, though). Radeon will do some 3D, but there are a bunch of apps like that say they're running 3D, but then perform POORLY... :-(

Oh, and "tomboy" should probably be "rpm -e", as it is part of most GNOME installs and it "Illegal Instruction" faults (prolly due to some "mono" problem, which I haven't bothered Sergey with).

Other hints:
  1. at the "reboot" screen, toggle to VC2 and edit /mnt/sysimage/etc/aboot.conf to remove "rhgb quiet" and replace with "selinux=0"